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The Pillars

Nicknames: Chi Beta or XBD

Colors: Pink and Black

Flower: Pink Rose

Jewel: Pearl

Mascot: Blink the Cat

Symbol: The Pink Crest

Our Founders

Pictured here is 5 of the 7 founding mothers of our sisterhood with an alumnae member of the Chi Class.

Our founders are: Lauren (Barbazette) Harris, Loren Ellison, Kathryn (Finely) Hoelscher, Kathryn Flowers, Jessica (Kazen) Ovalle, Ashley McCullough-Deader, and Amy (Trammel) Spain

How We Started

Chi Beta was founded by 7 ladies who wanted to make a difference in the Texas State community. In 2002, from this passion is how the Alpha Chapter of this sisterhood was formed. Our motto has been "Sisterhood through Service" and it continues to fuel our efforts today.

The Future of Chi Beta

Since the Alpha Chapter was founded, we have added both the Beta and Gamma Chapters at U.T. Austin and Texas A&M -Kingsville, respectively. Our chapters continue to seek women who have a heart for service and are in search of their home here at Texas State. 

Explore all tabs and follow us on social media to learn more. 

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